The BMW Group will upgrade the power plant hybrid versions flagship sedan 7-Series, making it more economical. On it informs edition of Car and Driver.

The advanced propulsion system will be upgraded to “seven”, which will debut in April this year at the Motor Show in Beijing. It is not known exactly how BMW has plans to improve the fuel efficiency of the model – will replace the eight-cylinder petrol turbo engine on a three-liter “six” of the ActiveHybrid 5 sedan or simply modify an existing unit.
We present a hybrid of “seven” of the 455-strong power, in addition to “eight” is a 20-hp electric motor and a set of lithium-ion batteries. From zero to 96 miles per hour flagship sedan can accelerate in 4.8 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited to 240 kilometers per hour. Fuel BMW ActiveHybrid 7 in the urban cycle is 13.8 liters per “hundred”, and on the road – 9.8 liters.
As previously reported, the new 7-Series sedan will only cosmetic changes to the exterior. A model will be slightly upgraded headlights, another front bumper, different rear lights, as well as an upgraded rear bumper.

There are also other ways to resolve interpersonal conflicts:
coordination – coordination of tactical sub and behavior in the interests of the main goal or solve a common problem. Such coordination between organizational units can be made at different levels of the management pyramid (vertical coordination) on the organizational levels of the same value (horizontal coordination) and in the form of a mixed form of both. If the negotiation fails, the conflicts are resolved with less cost and effort;
integrative solution. Conflict resolution is based on the assumption that there may be a solution that addresses all the elements of conflict and acceptable to both parties. It is believed that this is one of the most successful strategies for behavior management in the conflict, as in this case, it comes closer to the resolution of the conditions originally gave rise to the conflict. However, the approach to the conflict on the basis of solving the problem is often very difficult to observe. Select the writing service that who have got years of papers writing experience. This is due to the fact that much of it depends on the professionalism of the manager. Also in this case, conflict resolution requires much time. In such circumstances, the manager should have a good technology – a model for solving problems;

confrontation as a way of resolving the conflict – by the problem for all to see. This makes it possible to freely discuss her involvement with the maximum number of participants in the conflict (in fact, this is not a conflict, and the labor dispute), to confront the problem, not with each other to identify and remove all limitations. The purpose of confrontational meetings – to bring people together on the non-hostile forum, which promotes communication. Public and open communication – a means of conflict management.
The main task of the manager is to define the conflict with the “enter” into it at the initial stage (Fig. 12.5). It is established that if the manager is a conflict in the initial phase, it is permitted to 92% on the lifting phase – in 46%, and at the stage of “peak”, when passions ran high, the conflicts are not resolved or nearly resolved very rare.

The development of the conflict

When all the powers given to the fight (stage “peak”), the recession comes, and if the conflict is not resolved in the next period, it grows with a bang, as a recession for the battle can be brought new strength and new ways to apply.

The Nature and Causes of Stress

The nature of stress. Stress (from the Latin. “Tightrope”) – a state of tension that occurs in humans under the influence of a strong impact. Even in the most progressive and well-run organization, there are situations and a working environment that cause stress. For example, the head is under stress because he did not have enough time to complete the entire scope of the planned works. There is a feeling of anxiety (stress) when the situation gets out of control. There is a problem and there is no alternative to it, but it has to be solved urgently. It’s too stressful.
A little stress – it’s quite common and frequently occurring phenomenon (increased irritability or insomnia before an important event, etc.). Minor stresses are inevitable and almost harmless, but excessive stress forces creates a big problem for every person and thus organizations. In this regard, it is important to learn to distinguish between permissible degree of the effects of stress and too much stress, which is characterized by excessive psychological or physiological stress (Fig. 12.6). Physiological signs of stress – stomach ulcers, heart disease, asthma, etc., psychological its manifestations – irritability, loss of appetite, and depression. Excessive stress reduces the capacity of man, greatly impair his health.<. Our team brings you high quality essay writing services<.<. superior paper<. search engine optimization<.